Natural Hair Care Starter Kit-AG Hair


Natural Hair Care Starter Kit
Natural Hair Care Starter Kit
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Natural Hair Care Starter Kit
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  • Also Includes
  • 1- 2 oz Balance Shampoo
    1- 2 oz Boost Conditioner
    1- 1.8 oz Remedy Spray
    1- .4 oz Dry
    1- .5 oz Rosehip Balm
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  • Natural Hair Care Starter Kit


Minty/Apple Cider Fresh
"All 5 products in this line are great! The shampoo is clear gel based and is very cleansing but not stripping. The conditioner is more lightweight but enough to give moisture. The smell of these 2 is very minty/apple cider vinegar fresh. The remedy spray has a similar scent as well and isnt going to be a super heavy conditioning spray but a good amount to replenish and add moisture and shine. As for the texture paste, the balm is dense and warms up in your fingers and gets more oily as the formulation is silicone based so it has that slip feel. A little goes a long way with that because it can be very drying. I actually found this acted as a dry shampoo from sleeping with it on overnight and it worked out nicely because their was no visible oils. And then the rose hip balm wasnt reallly a wow for me, its got a nice lighter cream feel and is supposed to be mending and restorative to split ends but i found it felt more gunky so best applied damp. Overall i think this is a great line as everything is more natural and esse tial oil based so very cleansing and basic! Reccomend!"
- Karlie, Jul 22, 2017
Ag hair miracle
"These products have literally done nothing short of a miracle for my hair and my client's hair! Tons of positive feedback and loving the idea behind the product while also delivering the results promised and more! Love me some AG Hair!"
- BlaineTang, Sep 11, 2017