Pure Light Ultra Lightener-Pravana


Pure Light Ultra Lightener
Pure Light Ultra Lightener
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Size: 16 oz.

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  • Product Details
  • Rise to new levels with PRAVANA. Pure Light Ultra Lightner lifts up to 9 levels and contains ReUnite Mending Technology. NEW ReUnite Mending Technology includes amino acids for internal strength to restore hair from the inside out and plant-derived mending ingredients to help to reunite the cuticle layer and is clinically proven to increase shine and softness.
  • How To Use
  • Mixing
    • Recommended 1:2 (Pure Light Ultra Lightener : Developer)
    • Can be mixed with Zero, 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume off scalp
    • Zero, 10 & 20 volume for on scalp application

    • Up to 55 minutes of processing time once mixed with developer
  • Features and Benefits
  • Pure Light Ultra Lightner is perfect for anyone who wants a high level of lift and can be used for on or off scalp lightening.


"My hair is a very very light brown with a lot of grey I was so happy to see this and it lifts 9 levels. I didnt have 9 levels to lift but,...usually I use 30V with the good old frosting cap, yes, yes, I know Im old school and whatever bleach I have. It usually stays in my hair 4 hours to get me white white. Well after 1 hour I was spaghetti yellow so I thought must be working but I was WRONG 5 hours later I was still spaghetti yellow and it had bled back through the cap. I had to rinse my hair and put my old go to bleach on and it came up pretty quick. What a nightmare. So off to CosmoProf tomorrow for something to get rid of my stripes. Ugh"
- Dymonzzz, May 18, 2019
"I tried this for the first time yesterday on a level 5 in foils with 40 volume and it gave me pale yellow, nearly white results. By the time I applied the product thoroughly and was closing each foil up you could see the hair lifting already. The previous lightener i was using on this client needed to be mixed with 40 vol to break past the gold. I think I will try this with 30 volume next time on the same client. The hair did feel surprisingly soft and smooth both wet and after drying the hair. i even got some of this on my fingertip and it just has a different feel to it ph wise. it didnt burn. I can see where it might be a nice on scalp lightener with 20 volume. I am curious to see how the highlights look after my client returns for her next visit. I tried this product after trying the Pravana Pure Light Lightener and switching over from a popular competing formula in the industry, blondor. I will definitely continue working with this Ultra formula as it was impressive to work with. I bet its a dream team with the pravana vivids. Anytime I use a traditional or high lift lightener I go back over the applied lightener to check for dry spots and re saturate with additional product if necessary. i kept the hair saturated with this product while processing and the results exceeded my expectations."
- RUHU, May 26, 2019
Love it
"Nice and creamy, does not flake like normal bleach. Gives me ultra lift on the scalp without as much irritation. Much easier to go through the second time to double check your application as it is not drying out and flaking off so therefore it does not move into the previously bleached hair as easily when re sectioning. Using it now for my highlights and on the scalp bleach. Wish it came in the larger container like the regular bleach. I do use Trionics enzymes lift though for my on the scalp bleach. This does add more power, less irritation and damage as well. Works great for my level 4 on the scalp bleach. Love it."
- Leanne, Jun 5, 2019