Sterling Lithium Ion Mag Cord/Cordless Trimmer 8779-Wahl Sterling


Sterling Lithium Ion Mag Cord/Cordless Trimmer 8779
Sterling Lithium Ion Mag Cord/Cordless Trimmer 8779
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Additional Information

  • Product Details
  • The Wahl Sterling Lithium Ion Mag Cord/Cordless Trimmer 8779 is a professional smooth magnesium cased trimmer with soft touch grips.
    - Cord/cordless Lithium Ion powered trimmer
    - 1+hour of cordless trimming
    - Travel case/recharge stand
    - Transformer
    - Oil and Cleaning brush
    - Operating instructions
  • How To Use
  • For your safety and continued enjoyment of this product, always read the instruction book carefully.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Equipped with detachable blades
    - Led light indicator
    - Versatile travel case that converts to recharging stand


Only these!!
"I have butter fingers like no other and I always drop my clipper and/or my trimmers. Most of the time when I drop these the blade pops off and I just have to put it back on, accasionly I have to get a new blade for it, but it''s way cheaper then buying a new clipper all together."
- Anonymous, Oct 2, 2012
Great little trimmers
"I have had my Mag''s for about 9 months and for the most part, I love them. My only issues with them are that the charging cord is cheap and doesn''t stand up to repeated salon use. Recently, I had to buy a new, durable cord. I also have a problem with the charging stand that comes with it. In order to utilize that (with charging cord plugged in to it), I have to insert something behind the trimmer so that the ''contacts'' on the bottom touch properly for charging. I do like the materials used in the construction of these trimmers. I have also dropped them many times and they still keep going! They are lightweight and quiet--which is a plus! Overall, I would recommend these to other stylists."
- JS, Mar 18, 2014
liked em, but they make like theyre dieing
"ok i must have some serious issues with tools cuz these are my 3rd trimmers in 3 years. they were great but after only half a year i use them after FULLY charged, and they sound like theyre dieing. i clean them and take care of them, been dropped maybe cpl times, but put right back together. maybe ill look into another charge cord or something but its upsetting spending so much $$ on tools and them not working properly"
- Anonymous, Aug 11, 2014
Durable housing
"I've had my Sterling Mag's for almost 3 years. These trimmers are good overall and particularly good for use on small children--they are quiet and don't scare them. I love that the trimmer is made of metal. It makes it much more durable--and the reason I gave them one extra star. I have dropped mine, several times, popping the blade off. I just snap it back on, and I'm back to work. I do have to replace the blades every 6 months as I use them A LOT. A few negatives, as others have stated, the cord provided is pretty flimsy--almost like headphone wires--and I've also had to replace mine. The charging stand is a joke and Wahl SERIOUSLY needs to address it's design (and cord). You really have to prop something behind the trimmers before everything lines up properly for charging. These two things are common problems among all the stylists that I know who use these trimmers."
- Stylist, Oct 20, 2015
Best Trimmers Ever
"I have been thru so many pairs of Trimmers until I have come across these! I absolutely love them!! They are quite so when cutting little kids they aren't affriad as to previous Trimmers when the kids freak and cry! The I've also notice that I get an amazing clean cut! I have had these for a little over a year now and no complaints at all! They are easy to maintain and clean as well! Even when trimming beards they are amazing as well with the gaurds they come with! I have no charging problems either! All around best Trimmers I have ever owned!!"
- DH, Oct 22, 2015
Hairdresser/Salon Owner
"After having to replace my Wella Contura Trimmer{which they quit making} , I found this Mag Trimmer to be wonderful! I have no problem charging it and when I do it lasts a long time, more than any trimmer I have ever owned, which I have worked 35 1/2 years"
- Beth Ann, Nov 14, 2015
perfect trimmer
"iI try try all kind the trimmer,but this one my favorite one"
- ana, Nov 14, 2015
Love these.
"I've had the same pair of mag trimmers for over 5 years. They are lightweight and the blades are easy to change. They are just now showing signs of not holding charge as well. When this pair dies I will buy another just like them."
- C, Oct 12, 2017
Great Trimmers
"Love this trimmer, cuts great, light weight. Mine lasted a good year, battery last pretty long. Only annoying thing is that replacement blades arent as sharp as the blade it comes in."
- D, Dec 23, 2017
Very thankful to have found this one!
"Although the cheap cord has been replaced by Wahl several times, I still love my Mag trimmer! Still going strong after 3years. Easy to handle. The best tool you can have when it comes to high volume (20-30 cuts daily). Quick, quite, close & clean lines. I introduced it as “the one” to my co-workers & they fell in love with it."
- C.G., Dec 24, 2017
Love these
"Used these for several years. Won't use anything else. Absolutely love them. The trimmers are wonderful, but the base and cord are cheap and don't hold up. For the price, and the quality of the trimmer, I don't know why they don't provide quality base and cord as well."
- ANONYMOUS, Mar 5, 2018
I'm hooked! I definitely recommend them
"Great trimmers! Lightweight! Clean lines!"
- Mel, Nov 18, 2018
Best Trimmers
"I recently bought the mag because all my other clippers have broke or just died. I love the construction of them, they're quiet, light weight and easy to use."
- Lo eanna, Jan 16, 2019